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Set Of 3 Rustic Weathered Grey Wood Chevron Arrow

Beautiful Rustic Arrows Wall Decor '? Made Of 100% Reclaimed Wood! It's no secret that deforestation is causing massive, permanent damage to the planet we live on. It's also no secret that rustic wooden decor can add a beautiful touch to anyone's home. So, we decided to kill two birds with one creating a rich, sturdy, gorgeous set of chevron decorative arrows using 100% reclaimed wood. In other words, all of the wood we use to create these amazing pieces has been repurposed from something else; not one new tree will suffer to give the walls of your home that rugged, rustic look you've always wanted. Every time you walk into the room, just imagine how much you'll smile knowing that you're beautifying your home and helping the planet at the same time! Some of our customers hang their rustic wooden arrows vertically, while others choose a horizontal positioning to highlight other pieces, point the viewer's eye in a certain direction, or even as a stand-alone that's sure to stand out. Once you see the way they look on your wall, you'll understand why more than 85% of our other customers have rated this wonderful set with 4 or 5 stars! Made right here in the United States of America, these handmade wooden wall arrows measure 14.25' long, 10' wide, and 0.75' thick. Available in a variety of beautiful colors in order to best match the decor of your home, this set of 3 arrows even comes with all the equipment you'll need in order to mount them on your walls in exactly the way you want them to hang! These authentic, charming chevron arrows will ship to you quickly and protected by bubble wrap to make sure they arrive unharmed.