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Individual Silver Crystal Zendra Design Salt and Peppers Gift Boxed 6 Pc Set

Ensure that your delicious food and drinks are complemented by looks as well as functionality. With this shaker set, you’ll both leave a great impression and make it easy for your guests to help themselves to the salt. It’s made from high grade crystal, and its silver color will only add to the appeal of your table. Furthermore, it's handcrafted optical crystal. This shaker set will be a great enhancement to both your food preparation and dining. Its components are all natural and environmentally sustainable. Its height is 2”, and its width is 1.25”. Its depth is 1.25”, and it weighs 2 pounds. These classy shakers include individual salt and pepper ones. It has a classic faceted cut crystal design. With this shaker set as part of your décor, you needn’t worry about what your guests will think. This is a set of six, and it would make a perfect gift.