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4 Pc Set Single Old Fashioned Lead Free Crystal Scotch Glass 6 Oz

A superb gift for a friend, or a treat for yourself, this classy glass is just what you need to make your scotch drinking that more elegant and enjoyable. It’s made of high quality crystal, and will be with you for years to come. Its clear color is a marvelous companion to the scotch inside, and it will only add more appeal to the atmosphere of your space. This glass is lead free, mouth blown crystal. There is nothing better to use for your single malt, scotch, or bourbon. Its components are all natural and environmentally sustainable. Its height is 2”, and its width is 2”. Its depth is 2”, and it weighs 5 pounds. It has a unique European galaxy design with a bubble in the base. It’s both aesthetic and practical, and you won’t regret getting it. This is a set of four.