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Blue and White Cloud Wall Shelf

Be it a decorative accent or an essential item, when it is an addition to your child’s room, the brain jumps in to get more creative that would suit the little one’s need. Now you can keep your child’s room more organized and clutter-free with this Blue and White Cloud Wall Shelf. This will not only maximize the space on the walls but also set an airy ambiance. Super adorable and functional, this wall shelf resembles a cloud-like structure in pastel blue and pearl white for a visually soothing and peaceful feel. Mounting this shelf on the walls will not only add colors to the bare walls but also provide sufficient storage space to show off the daily essentials, toys, figurines, photos, and books. Meant to last for years with its 100% MDF construction, this wall shelf will set an uplifting tone to your interior. 9.15” x 23.25” x 4.25”